Friday, May 11, 2012

"You Must Be KT." (Or, the story of how I was almost recognized at ~13,000 Feet.)

Tonight, I had to go back and scour my Twitter (and by that, I mean scroll down a little bit) for a tweet about summitting a mountain.

You see, I was hiking up a mountain yesterday, and on the way down, this lady looks at me and says, "You must be KT."

I immediately went into a small panic, because I was suddenly thinking that I had an insanely thorough stalker. Or at least, a stalker who scoured my Reddit account for information on me. Which, if you're really thorough, could probably get you quite a lot of information.

Of course, not wanting to immediately give away my super secret author identity, I laughed it off with a half-hearted, "What are you talking about?" kind of answer.

(At this point, I'm aware that this story is likely to sound completely made up. Seriously, though, this is 100% true...which is why it's so god damn weird.)

"Somebody wrote, 'I heart KT' in the snow back there."

(DISCLAIMER: I did not write my own "initials" in the snow. That's a silly and ineffective form of advertising.)

"Oh, okay," I said.

The lady and her male counterpart hiked in the opposite direction, while boyfriend and I continued to walk down the mountain for a ways, until I looked at him. He knew what I was thinking, and he teased me on the origin of the initials of my pseudonym. Of course, my thoughts at the time were along the lines of, "What in the world did I post on Twitter?"

The two of us continued to walk, heading down the mountain, when suddenly, we came upon it. We came upon the (now infamous) "I heart KT."

Again, I would like to point out that I did not write this, and according to my boyfriend, neither did he.

However, whoever was on Barr Trail near Colorado Springs and wrote this for whatever reason, I think you ought to know that you damn near gave me a heart attack.

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  1. Lol!!!! You know? I have often wondered if it was possible something similar could happen to me. I sometimes wear the same outfit that's in one of my twitter accounts and I'm terrified someone will recognize it. And then say something to me. The fact that this is possible, based on this story, scares the hell out of me. Time to go shopping.

    ...on another note, I am so freakin jealous that you have snow anywhere, because I hate the hot weather!