Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Photography!

To all the people who I'm trying to "cater" to who are looking for me to write about a single specific topic: I'm sorry.

Chemistry, creative writing, photography - what is all of this? I'm supposed to be narrow-minded and just choose one, am I right?

Sorry, but I'm a person of many (or at least some) interests. Just wait until I start geeking out on Physiology and  Psychology (which might happen soon, or it may never happen).

"One Way"
Even though this particular photo isn't terribly exciting, for whatever reason, it is a favorite of mine. Trains are not only awesome, but the colors in this photograph turned out splendidly.

If any of you were in Colorado during the summer of 2009, you might remember that there was a very large ladybug population that year. They were EVERYWHERE. I happened to be working at a daycare during that summer, and the children were pretty much able to sit in one spot in the grass and catch a handful within minutes. Here's a photograph of one of them.

This was the most popular photograph on my deviantart (which I almost never use anymore, but if you're interested: The photograph itself is okay I think, it's certainly a beautiful location (Medicine Bow Peak in the Medicine Bow National Forest), but looking at it now, there are so many little flaws I would go back and change (which I might, someday).

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