Friday, March 30, 2012

I Just Wanted to Share Some Pictures.

Most of these pictures were taken within the last week or so - and also, these are not the "artistic" pictures I like taking and posting every now and again (though I desperately need to do more of those). Really, this is kind of a, "This is more or less my life now. How is yours?"

S'more Cookie
A s'more cookie. Who WOULDN'T SAY NO?!

Best Frozen Yogurt Ever
I kept telling people, "It's some of the best ice cream I'd had in a long time." But no, it's actually
frozen yogurt.

Come on. Your jealous. (I know you're out there, tea lovers!)

This is a Public Park!
I was actually supposed to meet people here, but they ended up ditching me.
Was doing some separation, when all of the sudden...
Some completely unanticipated precipitate?

On the Way to Winter Park
Aren't those off-in-the-distance mountains fantastic? Now, imagine being up close!

Last Night's Dinner
This is what my friend made for dinner one night. FYI - there are totally french fries in with all of that.

Swin, little guy, swim...

...and one day, you'll turn into him.


  1. Wow! K.T. I love that landscape. Is it true you can watch your Dog run away..... For two days? @StephenMillsUK