Friday, April 6, 2012

A Few More Lines from the Upcoming Novel, The Night Life.

I'm somewhat of a hopeless romantic, so naturally, every one of my stories is likely to contain a love story in some form or another.

In this case, however, the love story is more or less of a side story, and is not the main focus of The Night Life. This is probably the first piece I've written in years that does not focus mainly on the romantic prospects of the characters.

Of course, depending on how you spin it, that last sentence may be entirely false. It really depends on how you view the main character, Richard.

These next few lines, however, are actually about Tanya, the nosy and intrusive dancer who gets a little too involved in Richard's life. The love story in The Night Life belongs to her, and takes place between her and her high school sweetheart, Mickey Rodgers. They ended their relationship about a month after Mickey went to college in Colorado while she stayed behind in New Mexico, and now they find themselves reunited. Tanya quickly finds herself rediscovering her old feelings for her high school sweetheart; however, does Mickey share those feelings with her?
Would I ever see him again? It was likely, sure; we did only live an hour away from each other. Would I see him often? That, unfortunately was not likely. Meanwhile, I would be stuck here in Socorro dancing for a living, all while craving that elusive scent that clung to Mickey’s skin. Though I didn’t know it until now, I had spent the past six years in silent agony because I missed him. I must have spent at least four of those years telling myself I had forgotten him; only now did I realize that I loved him as much as I did when we were eighteen, and I couldn’t help but hope he felt the same way.

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