Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Working Playlist for "The Night Life", and Predicted Hindsight's 100th Post

Although I've actually gotten a fair chunk of writing done this weekend, I've found that I've been feeling pretty uninspired when it comes to writing on my blog recently. This is somewhat surprising, actually, because I actually have one or two ideas for things to write about.

That said, I've been more or less working on a playlist for The Night Life. Perhaps it's a bit premature to be making play lists, especially since the novel isn't even completed yet, but nevertheless, I tend to make play lists for my writing on-the-go.

I actually picked a nice selection of songs at first, though I've culled some of them, seeing as I'm trying to create a mix of 80's rock (the music of choice of one of the main characters) and folk (the music of choice for the other main character). Of course, considering some of the story takes place in a strip club, there's a small requirement for there to be some dance-worthy music as well.

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