Monday, April 9, 2012

When Have You "Made It?"

I believe that, even if I make a million dollars off my writing, I still won't think that I'll have "made it".

At first, I thought, "When I'm published, then I will have made it."

Well, self publishing was a little easier than taking the traditional route of finding a publisher, so when I did self-publish, I told myself, "Nah, I can't count that. That was too easy. Maybe when I make some money, then I can say I've made it."

But how much money does one have to make before they make "it"? I made $120 so far, others have made far more. But I made money, didn't I?

Nobody knows my name - at least, the general population doesn't know my name. Do I have to become semi-famous before I "make it"?

Does somebody have to recognize me in the store?

(Good luck with that one - nobody knows what I look like!)

Does somebody from Hollywood have to offer me some kind of movie deal?

Where does it all end?

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