Sunday, January 29, 2012

After 3.5 Wonderful Years, My Ipod Seems to have Died...

For some reason, ever since middle school, I've found that playing music in the background of whatever I'm doing, be it studying or writing, helps me tremendously, to the point where I almost cannot do anything without it.

Yesterday, of course, was no exception. I trekked over to the library in hopes of getting some studying done, seeing as I have a scary exam coming up on Wednesday night. Like always, I had brought along my iPod and the cheap pair of $20 that's lasted me about 2-3 years so that I wouldn't have to sit in complete silence throughout the day.

I took out the ipod, plugged in the headphones, and attempted to shuffle all of my music. Hit the button, the screen switched over to "Now Playing", and...nothing. No sound, no movement, nothing.

"Did you try turning it off and on?" Yes, many times. A few times, it completely reset itself on it's own, complete with strange clicking and whirring noises. It seems to have confused itself.

Granted, the screen on this iPod was completely messed up, on account of me leaving the iPod in my jacket pocket then proceeding to toss my jacket on the floor. It sounds careless, yes, though my ipod had survived so many other beatings that I'm surprised this was the one that did it in. Also, considering I did this last May and had been using the iPod frequently in the months since, I obviously had not damaged it beyond repair; just beyond conveniently seeing the "Now playing" screen.

In case you were wondering, I'm not an Apple Junkie. The iPod is literally the one Apple product I own. Otherwise, I own a HP Pavilion running Windows 7, my last PC was a Dell Desktop running XP (which I still have, actually, I just haven't turn it on in over a year), and my phone is a Motorola Droid 3. Why do I have an Apple iPod? I bought it in May of 2008, when that seemed to be the only mp3 anybody had (obviously they're not the only mp3's, though!). I'm not even going to attempt to lie and say, "I really like the interface" or something, because somebody will come in here, swoop down on me like a hawk, and say, "The interface sucks blah blah technical jargon." Yeah, I own an iPod because it's what was cool. And you know what? With 80gb of memory, I'm perfectly fine with that. I just wish it still worked

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