Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pens! Wonderful, Colorful Pens!

Best Pens Ever! (Free Advertising, Anyone?)
I love shopping at Office Supply stores. Which, that reminds me - I'm about to need new notebooks for the upcoming semester (I had a stash somewhere, which has since gotten lost in the messy, disorganized depths of my apartment). But anyways. I love Office Supply stores. I rarely ever really need anything in an office supply store; however, there's something oddly...nice...about walking through the aisles and gazing at all of the nice pens, pencils, notebooks, stencils, crayons, scissors, glue, what have you. It's like something of a religious experience for me (okay, maybe I don't feel quite that strongly).

When I take notes, I have some kind of a system; namely, use a different color for every class. Really, it would probably be smarter to just switch pens every time the topic changes, but this is the "system" I have set up. And I love colorful pens. Colorful pens are the best. Colorful pens with nice smooth ink, that don't run everywhere (I'm looking at you, UniBall!).

One day last semester, I was looking for a snippet of information in my notebook from Gen. Chem. II notebook (yes, I do keep all of my old notebooks!). What I found was...interesting. It looked as if Nyan Cat had vomited all over my notebook. And it was then that I remembered: my wonderful boyfriend had just purchased me a set of gorgeous, colorful pens mere days before. And these pens, they were the colors of the rainbow, literally. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Two purples, actually, because my boyfriend also happens to know that purple is one of my favorite note-taking colors. Actually, it is probably the best note-taking color, though I'm also not opposed to green or the correct shade of Orange.

Assisted me with my "Nyan Cat Throwup" Project in an
old notebook of mine.
Last time I journeyed to the Office Supply store, I was actually searching for pastels. Not for me, but for my roommate, as a birthday gift, because I myself cannot actually draw (maybe one day, I'll link to my old DeviantArt; it's actually pretty hilarious). And what did I happen to stumble upon? UniBall pens. And not the normal large, runny ones, either, but these beautiful colorful ones with much thinner tips. And, seeing as it was December 7th and the start of the next semester was only one month and two days away, I thought to myself, "Yeah! I'll just get pens for next semester so that I don't have to buy any in January!" Seeing as my next set survived through the summer AND the fall semester, I knew I would have to eventually succumb to a new set of pens. My poor graan pen literally has zero ink left inside, and the others are damn close to that point.

I have used these kinds of pens before, but not in such a heavy-duty manner. Will they last the duration of my seventeen-credit semester, through Organic Chemistry, Neurodevelopment, and Primitive Animal Behavior? I have no idea. But they had certainly better! (I'm looking at you, UniBall!)

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