Friday, January 6, 2012

The Dowry: Now Available on Kindle (And Kindle Select!)

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Following the murder of Alexandre Thalo, the most powerful and prominent man in a small English village, Edward Thalo finds himself suddenly desperate to find himself a wife to produce heirs for his large family fortune. When a poor village farmer offers his pretty young daughter, Edward seizes the opportunity for marriage, fearing that he may otherwise leave the Thalo family fortune unclaimed.

Elizabeth Savage is reluctant to marry Edward Thalo, especially after she happens upon a gorgeous young servant by the name of Joel Barrett, who cannot resist the urge to court her, even after her marriage to Edward Thalo.

A romance filled with suspense, secrets, and treachery; The Dowry details the lives of Edward Thalo, Elizabeth Savage and her two sisters, and the servants of Edward Thalo, William and Joel. Each one of them holds a deep secret that threatens to destroy the lives of their makeshift family in a time where they are controlled by the mentally unstable, money hungry mongrel, Edward Thalo.

A lot of people seem to have luck with Kindle Select, so I have added The Dowry onto Amazon and am currently just hoping for the best. That's all I can do at this point, right? That is, that's all I can do when I'm still at the stage of getting excited by a few more page views. Just so you know, two people viewed this page last night.

How do I get an audience without much advertising? So far, all I've done is post links in forums and whatnot. They say blog tours help, but who in the world would "host" me? I'm an amateur, a kid, basically. I mean, I would let somebody guest post in a heartbeat, but that's just because I think that would definitely be pretty sweet. That, or maybe I'm just desperate.

Anyways, I hope you all find The Dowry an enjoyable read.

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