Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Really Did Have an Idea For a Good Post...

Last night, I fell asleep to reaction mechanisms dancing in my head. They were going on for what seemed like forever, and they were happening so fast that I couldn't really comprehend what the hell was going on. I just remember things turning to things, and then to other things. I wonder how much of it really made a lick of sense?

How nerdy is it to fall asleep "dreaming" of reactions?

Last week, I fell asleep thinking about Richard Broozer and his yet unwritten suicidal past. That was interesting. Actually, this is interesting too, though in a much different way. Learning different reactions requires some patience, and of course, a head for memorizing seemingly useless and methodical information. MCPBA and alkenes yield epoxides. Epoxides can be opened to make other things. BUT you've got to be weary of stereochemistry, that can be a real bitch!

Also, ibuprofen actually is made up of two enantiomers, both of which are in the little pill you take to get rid of your headaches. One of them is totally ineffective. So really, only half of your ibuprofen is actually effective.

Last week, my boyfriend bought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in Latin. He's only taken a semester of Latin, and he's already trying to read the damn thing! He reads it to me and proceeds to ask me what he just read.

Speaking of Organic Chemistry, I have my lab tonight. My lab partner is one of the most meticulous people I've met, and insists on following directions exactly. Last week, she insisted on putting our material in a vial (what the directions said) vs. an Erlenmeyer flask "just in case somebody decides to check our drawers." But that's cool, at least she seems to know what she's doing.

My friend just sent me a picture of himself, where he looks like he's attempting to impersonate a rabbit.

I hate when people advertise their books as "free for Prime Members!" You mean free to rent for Prime Members?

Also: The Dowry is free on Amazon today. After today, I'm not doing anymore free promotions for awhile (at least until about March or so), so get it while you can! Srsly.

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