Friday, January 20, 2012

The Twitter Experiment, Part 1: I Guess I'm Tweeting Now

Right now, I'm not sure if "Ew" or..."Ew."

When I first heard about Twitter back in 2006 or 2008 or thereabouts, I thought it was the silliest idea ever. I STILL think it's the silliest idea ever, actually. It's like a website dedicated to Facebook statuses, only they can't be long winded. And sometimes, you just need to be long winded, right? That's why I wrote a book or three.

And now, I'm supposed to be tweeting? I'm only doing it because that's what "they" say I should do. I would rather write long-winded posts - that's why I got a blog. And Facebook - I can put notes and long statuses up on Facebook.

Is my distaste to Twitter unprofessional? If I don't like it, why did I bother joining up? Well, maybe I'm confused as to why I went from selling at least one book per day to nothing. I'm doing some more free promotions coming up soon, but nevertheless, all of this waiting is frustrating. I'm hoping for results. Is that bad of me, wanting results? Wouldn't you want results?

Anyways: Follow me, @KT_Hall_Author on Twitter. Don't expect brilliant quotes at 140 words or less, though.

Also, I'm following WWII in Real Time.

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