Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Snippet of Dialogue from "The Night Life".

In this scene, Richard and Tanya are duckingi t out, trying to decide what to do with Jane, whom they've just realized is not the girl they think she is.

Jane is no ordinary girl - rather, she's a runaway teen who's not been seen by her parents in over four yeas. And when Richard finds her in a gas station one day, he finds that she's completely devoid of any memory of her past. She doesn't even remember her own name. After some time, Richard and Tanya began to hypothesize that Jane might have killed herself prior to Richard finding her, in order to avoid ever being found by her frantic parents. The following scene is an exchange between Richard and Tanya, who are fighting over Jane's possible fate - do they take her to the hospital and get her treatment, or do they protect her from the parents who drove her away to begin with?

“Those people are slime balls!” Tanya spat, “the lowest of the low! Richard, if we risk her being found, her life will be hell. It will probably be much worse than it ever was before, before and after she ran away. We don’t know that she killed herself, but if you ask me, she had some pretty damn good reasons to try.”

“Tanya, we don’t know what’s happening with her,” I pleaded. “We don’t know if she’s brain damaged. We don’t know if the brain damage is worsening. We don’t know if she has an internal bleed somewhere…”

“If she did, she would be dead by now.”

“The point is, this girl needs our help, and we’re the only two people able to provide it.”
“I don’t get you Richard,” Tanya stared at me, “first, taking her to the hospital is out of the question. But now that we have an idea of what might have happened, you’ve changed your mind?”

“She’s just a girl,” I sighed. “If she attempted to end her own life on our watch, I would never live with myself.”

“And if she ended her life because we let her go,” Tanya paused, “I would never forgive myself.”

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