Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Eating Healthy

I'll confess: I do not eat very healthy.

And, I'm not necessarily saying that I eat nothing but ice cream, soda, and double cheeseburgers. Those things are all delicious, sure, but I'm unhealthy in a different way.

But no, I'm quite different from many Americans in the sense that I don't usually ever eat enough.

This is mostly due to the process of food acquisition. I don't love cooking large meals, and I feel like there's so few things I actually do enjoy cooking. Though to be fair, I think a lot of this is due to the fact that our kitchen is pretty small and has very limited counter space (it's often at the point where we're chopping vegetables on the stove, if it's not on).

But yes, sometimes, my not eating is somewhat problematic. I'm usually lucky to eat two meals a day. I rarely eat breakfast, just because my body seems to dislike food immediately upon waking up. Yesterday, I bought some wings at the deli for lunch at 1:00 pm in the afternoon, ate about half of them, and ate the rest of them for "dinner".

I'm not intentionally starving myself here, either. I just don't feel like eating. Boyfriend took me to dinner tonight and I ordered a quesadilla, where I proceeded to eat about half of it before deciding I was full. Actually, it took a great effort to even eat that much, but it seemed silly to not eat at least half of it there. I know how it's going to go tomorrow, too: I'll eat one slice of the quesadilla before deciding I'm too full, and then end up passing most of the leftovers off to my boyfriend.

What's really weird is that some people think something is wrong with you if you're not stuffing your face 24/7. Boys especially seem to like to brag about how much they love eating, while girls, apparently, eat like birds. They act as if there's something wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that, of course - my monthly grocery bill is probably a lot less than that of those boys. That plus the fact that I rarely indulge in alcohol like so many others I know, means that I pay substantially less for food and other related items than many other people I know.

What I really need are more fruits and vegetables. I feel like every time I buy fruit, it gets eaten so quickly by myself and my boyfriend. Last November, boyfriend ate so many oranges that certain internal goings-on became analogous to Kel's Orange-Soda stomach (I tried to find a picture of this, I really did). Plus, fruit is more expensive. I saw the most delicious-looking strawberries last week, for example - they were so red and plump, and I wanted them so bad. But, they were about ~$6, and there were maybe seven of them in the entire box. There's no way I was about to pay a dollar per strawberry.

But, the outrageous prices of strawberries nowadays does not negate the fact that I desperately need to take better care of myself.


  1. Eating strawberries in winter isn't easily provided by nature: you're paying for the extra human effort right there. Try going for seasonal, local things and you'll end up paying reasonably less. What are apples going for nowadays?

    1. Last week, I went down to Fort Collins, actually, where most of their produce was cheaper than you can get it for here up in Laramie. Avocados was especially cheap compared to normal - $0.69 each. Up here, they're usually about $1-$1.50 each.

      I'm not a big fan of apples. They're good every now and again, but if I bought more than maybe 2 or 3, there's a good chance they would never get eaten.