Sunday, February 5, 2012

Obligatory Superbowl Post: Until Today, I Honestly Thought it was the Patriots and the Packers Playing.

I have no idea why I thought this. Seriously.

Maybe it's just because I kept seeing "Go Pats!", and read it as "Go Packs!" Those damn packs.

I live in an area where football is semi-important to people, I suppose. Actually, I'm surprised that football hasn't taken over the unofficial title of "America's Favorite Past Time." I don't know hardly any baseball fans myself, but I sure do know a hell of a lot of football fans.

Oh yeah, my television said that the Giants and the Patriots played just a few years ago. Was that the year that the Patriots were undefeated all year, and then the Giants snaked the win for them with just a few seconds to go? I remember that play. I tried to explain why it was awesome to my then-boyfriend, who thought I was fucking nuts for trying to explain it to him.

P.S. PEOPLE, PLEASE! If you're going to order pizza, please order it BEFORE 3:00 (MST). Oh, wait, it's 3:18. Crap. Well, my old workplace must be ready for a hell of a night. I hope that all the people that made my life hell that still work there (most of them, even 2-3 years later) have a terrible night. Suckers!

P.S.S. I know I'm shooting myself in the foot with my nice little "product placement" here, but if you're going to get pizza, order from your little local places. All the big chain places really suck.

P.S.S.S If you order delivery, tip your driver. They're missing the Super Bowl because their bosses would otherwise automatically fire them.

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