Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From Here on Out, All Purchases of "Family History" and "The Dowry" will be Donated to the "KT HALL SKYDIVING FUND".

You see that picture, there on the left?

That. I want that.

But, it's expensive. At least, it's more money than I have now. Or at least, more money than I have to spend on willy-nilly things. Like skydiving.

But, between the US and UK, I've earned about $50 off Family History and The Dowry. All in all, that's not too shabby.

2012 is supposed to be my year. After all, the fact that I'm essentially fulfilling a lifelong dream by selling my writing - that alone has to mean something.

To ring in the new year, boyfriend and I took a spontaneous road trip from cold, windy Wyoming to warm, sunny Southern California. After all, winters up here in Laramie can get pretty chilly (last year, there was a night where it got down to -40 C/F) and sometimes last the entire year. But to me, that road trip was something of a promise to myself - a promise to do more fun, spontaneous things, to meet goals, and to not stress myself out (this includes being and/or acting less socially awkward). I thought that, by starting the year off somewhere else, somewhere more fun than a place where drinking is not just a social thing, but a lifestyle, I would kick my own ass.

I actually started the year off with two pretty small goals, one of them being to put my three backlogged novels up on Amazon. Hooray, I did that four days into the year. But now what happens?

Skydiving is what happens.

I'm $150 from $200, which, from what I can tell, is about what it'll cost for me to go skydiving. If you're feeling ever so kind and charitable, I would surely appreciate the purchasing of one of my fine novels, so that I can fall out of a plane, where I'm likely to clutch the thing that opens the parachute (because if I let go, I might lose it!). Anyone want to make that happen?

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