Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January Sales Reports

Today is February 15th, which means that I was granted the privileged of seeing my first monthly sales report. Hooray!;dr: I'm not a millionaire. But that's okay, because Family History: Part 1 was only published on January 4th, 2012. It would actually be pretty silly to expect to make that much money off a single $2.99 title in less than a month.

Now, for some actual statistics...

Total Amount Earned in Amazon US: $29.30
Total Amount Earned in Amazon UK: £9.94 (~ $15.58)
Total Earned in January 2012: ~$44.88

Many of you are probably thinking, "That's not very much at all!" But again, keep in mind that these numbers represent totals from less than a month of publication. Additionally, it is worth noting that, at the moment, I am exclusively published on Amazon. I'm not planning on continuing this exclusivity deal, though that is another post for another time.

Now, allow me to do a quick-and-dirty breakdown by title.

Family History: Part 1; US

  • 5 Units Sold at 70% Royalty: $13.00
  • 1 Unit Borrowed: $1.60
  • 331 Units Downloaded Free
Family History: Part 1; UK
  • 4 Units Sold at 70% Royalty:  £7.04 (~$11.04)
  • 88 Units Downloaded Free
The Dowry; US
  • 11 Units Sold at 70% Royalty; 4 Units Returned: $14.35
  • 867 Units Downloaded Free
The Dowry; UK
  • 2 Units Sold at 70% Royalty:  £2.64 (~$4.14)
  • 111 Units Downloaded Free
Family History: Part 2; US
  • 188 Units Downloaded Free
Family History: Part 2; UK
  • 47 Units Downloaded Free
The Night Life: Chapter 1; US
  • 1 Unit Sold at 35% Royalty: $0.35
  • 138 Units Downloaded Free
The Night Life: Chapter 1; UK
  • 2 Units Sold at 35% Royalty; 1 Unit Returned:  £0.26 (~$0.40)
  • 33 Units Downloaded Free
Granted, it must be noted that KDP sent out a mass email tonight about sales reports not all being correct. From what I understand, the amount of money I earned this month should be correct, though I do believe there might be a few free downloads missing. However, for those who are in the loop who are thinking, "So why is it that YOUR sales reports are correct?", I figured I might as well throw in this little addendum to calm your nerves.

What I'm Expecting
  • I honestly think the fact that I got any sales at all this month was somewhat of a fluke. I'm not expecting these numbers again, at least not for awhile. 
  • However, since I have recently received two reviews for Family History: Part 1, I am hoping that I somehow see a jump in sales because of this.
  • In terms of sales, I'm expecting to maybe average around $20 total, between the US and UK, per month. Maybe. (Like I said, I strongly believe that this prior month was merely a fluke.)
What I'm Hoping For...
  • Most Importantly: I'm hoping to have The Night Life up for sale sometime around August. 
  • I would be tickled if it became my best-selling novel. Of all of them, I believe this one deserves it the most.
  • Money-Wise: I want to earn enough money from my writing that I can order a load of $100 bills, just so that I can fill a large room with said money and throw money all over myself while screaming, "I'm rich! I'm riiiich!" Realistically of course, I don't ever see this happening. :)

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