Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Twitter Experiment, Part 4: Follow Friday.

First off, let me precede this with a note: Blogger Really Ought to have a "Subtitle" Option."

Because my Subtitle would be appropriately titled, "Follow My Updates on How I Sold Out."

In fact, I could probably do an entire blog just on my experience with Twitter, and why I all at once dislike it and can't seem to stop using it (grrr!).

If my Twitter posts are getting old, I'm rather surprised, because for whatever reason, they seem to be the posts that gain the most attention, though I'm not really sure why. Though my last post, entitled "What My Twitter Looks Like Now", got a substantial amount of views (substantial for me, anyways). Actually, that's funny, because all it really was was a drawing I did in MS Paint.

Perhaps I should make these "Twitter Experiment" Posts more official-like, starting off by linking to the previous "Twitter Experiment" posts. Maybe I'll do that at the end of the post.

Anyways, onto the topic at hand.

Tomorrow is Friday. Actually, for folks in the mountain time zone, Friday comes in about 3.5 hours. And what is Follow Friday?

According to the first result of Google for "Follow Friday": "#followfriday is a game in which people suggest who to follow on Twitter. It helps everyone find interesting Twitter users. You list the users you recommend following and add “#followfriday” anywhere in the Tweet so others can find it. The “#” is very important – don’t forget it!"

Do you want to know something really cool, though?

Somebody told people to follow me!

And that person has a ridiculous number of followers, too (90k+).

Do people actually follow those "FollowFriday" suggestions? Maybe I ought to find people to "recommend".

"Please Follow -> @KT_Hall_Author @KT_Hall_Author @KT_Hall_Author @KT_Hall_Author."

...because that totally works, right?

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