Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Doing a Poll on KDP Select, and Would Love For You to Participate

Obviously, if you've never participated in a KDP Select Promotion, this poll isn't exactly for you.

But, I'm very interested to see how people have done with different promotions, and whether they see them as a valuble resource.

Again, the link to the poll can be found here.

Now, allow me to post the directions I've posted everywhere else:

I'm mostly unfamiliar with SurveyMonkey, and even though I think I did everything right, I probably did something wrong. :/

Also, I'm sure somebody's going to get all uppity and pipe in to say, "Your survey is all wrong! You should have asked/done xyz." This is the internet, after all. But really, I don't want to hear that. That's why I added the text box at the end.

Again, though, if something is wrong with the questions themselves, like say, it won't let you enter a number in the number box or something weird, do let me know of that.

Anyways, hopefully you can do this survey multiple times. So yeah, go through it once and use data from one promotion for one book, and if it lets you do it again, then feel free to add information for your other books. Please, though, just use your earliest promotion for one book - do not include later promotions for the same book (like, if you did a 2-day promo in December, and another 2-day last week, do not use the 2-day from last week at all).

I hope I've clarified myself. When people have answered, I'll do graphs and stuff and post them.

Again, I'm very interested to see the responses, so please, take two minutes to participate!

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